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Are persons with prodromal Alzheimer disease hiding in our geriatric psychiatry practices?

 April 15th, 2024 at 11:00 AM CT See your local time here.

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While psychiatric syndromes are risk factors for incident Alzheimer disease (AD) dementia, neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) can also be early-stage markers for AD. Mild behavioural impairment (MBI) is a syndrome that helps distinguish between risk factor and disease marker by leveraging later-life onset of persistent NPS to identify a high-risk group for prevalent AD, and incident dementia. In this presentation we will review the AD biomarker correlates of MBI in two independent cohorts, using the NIA-AA amyloid/tau/neurodegeneration framework.

Dr. Zahinoor Ismail will present on the article:

Ismail Z, Leon R, Creese B, Ballard C, Robert P, Smith EE. Optimizing detection of Alzheimer’s disease in mild cognitive impairment: a 4-year biomarker study of mild behavioral impairment in ADNI and MEMENTO. Molecular Neurodegeneration. 2023 Jul 29;18(1):50

Dr. Zahinoor Ismail

Dr Zahinoor Ismail is a Clinician Scientist and Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, Epidemiology, and Pathology at the Hotchkiss Brain Institute and O’Brien Institute for Public Health, at the University of Calgary. He has certification in Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry, and Geriatric Psychiatry. His research includes: i) rating scale development and measurement-based care; ii) dementia nosology and guideline development; iii) non-cognitive markers of dementia; iv) imaging and fluid biomarkers; and v) clinical trials. Dr. Ismail is also Chair of the Canadian Conference on Dementia.


Robert Madan MD FRCPC
Baycrest, Toronto
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