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Workforce Issues

To further IPA’s understanding of workforce issues within Psychogeriatrics, a series of articles offers views from our colleagues in the field. IPA has noted the concerns of our members on these issues and is pleased to share these global perspectives.

We welcome your thoughts and perspectives on this important issue in the field. Please tell us what you think by responding to so that we may continue the dialogue on the issues raised.

Old Age Psychiatry: Challenges for the Development of the Specialty
Carlos Augusto de Mendonça Lima, Brian Draper and Susan Mary Benbow have collaborated on an in-depth discussion of the challenges old age psychiatry faces for the development of the specialty. The article examines the quality and quantity of mental health resources and what needs to be improved to meet current and future needs. Read article.

Psychogeriatric Nursing Workforce in Australia: An Endangered Species
Yun-Hee Jeon, RN, PhD, Associate Professor at Sydney Nursing School, the University of Sydney and an IPA member, discusses how diminishing student nurse enrolments, an ageing workforce and qualified nurse shortages are causing international concern. Read article.

The Old Age Psychiatry Paradox
Carlos de Mendonça Lima, former member of the IPA Board of Directors and a leader within the Old Age Psychiatry Section of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) presents the growing challenge of a highly knowledgeable and competent community of psychogeriatric professionals caring for the growing old age population with the limited investment and support from authorities. Read article.

Geriatric Workforce Crisis in the United States
Jeff Lyness, a past president of the American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP) and an IPA member explores the reasons for the dwindling geriatric psychiatrist workforce in the United States along with some thoughts about ways forward. Read article.

Geropsychology Workforce Crisis: An International Perspective
Nancy Pachana, psychologist and a member of the IPA Expert Advisory Council, presents a compelling international view of the shortage of psychologists trained to work with older adults in Australia and around the world. She also discusses the issues of the ageing population and the barriers limiting the number of psychologists. Read article.

The Psychogeriatric Workforce in China: Challenges for the Future
Huali Wang (current member of the IPA Board of Directors), Hengge Xie, Li Ma, and Xin Yu of the Psychogeriatric Interest Group, Chinese Society for Psychiatry, discuss how rapid population aging and a lack of recognition of Psychogeriatrics as a subspecialty have contributed to challenges in effectively managing elderly mental health issues in China. Read article.


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