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IPA Board Member Named as Chair of GAROP

For immediate release:

Following recent elections, International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) Board member Kiran Rabheru MD, CCFP, FRCP, DABPN has been named chair of The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People (GAROP). Dr. Rabheru will serve a two year term in his new role.

Dr. Rabheru is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa, Medical Director of Geriatric Psychiatry  at The Ottawa Hospital and Board Chair and Founding Member of the International Longevity Centre Canada (ILC).

In his new role, Dr. Rabheru shared the following message:

‘Our work at GAROP is even more relevant and critical in creating an environment that will lead to a UN convention to protect the human rights of older persons. The timing is critical and now is the time to act decisively and strategically! The lethal pandemic of ageism and crisis against older persons created by the COVID-19 pandemic has also provided an opportunity to move forward with GAROP’s mission to galvanize the world in support of the convention. 

As a physician / geriatric psychiatrist and an older person myself who cares for others with physical and mental illness on the front-lines every day, I have lived experience of the systemic atrocities committed against older persons every single day. This segment of our population often has no voice, no choice, no priority, no advocate, no family, no safe place to live, no productive activity to engage in and no one to love or care for them. This must change. I am strongly committed and passionate to see a pivotal shift in attitudes, values, and priorities towards a more humane approach, care and respect for the rights of older persons, who represent our parents and grandparents. 

GAROP provides us the opportunity to influence the global system with respect to the way older persons will be treated in the future.’

"We are very excited about Dr. Rabheru's new role," said Kate Filipiak, CAE, Executive Director of IPA. “As recent world events including the COVID-19 pandemic have shown, ageism and age discrimination are pervasive worldwide. Dr. Rabheru continues to be a valuable advocate for the rights of older adults -not only in North America- but across the globe.”

To learn more about GAROP and the ILC, please see their respective websites:
   •   The Global Alliance for the Rights of Older People:
   •   The International Longevity Centre Canada:

Contact Information
International Psychogeriatric Association
Kate Filipiak, CAE
IPA Executive Director
414 918 9889


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