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Expert Meetings

The IPA Expert Meetings are groundbreaking invite-only events helping to advance the field in a particular area and issue. 

IPA Expert Meetings:

2015      Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) (Berlin, Germany)
Conveners:  Clive Ballard, Helen Kales, Constantine Lyketsos

2013      Agitation Definition Expert Consensus Meeting (Boston, United States)
Conveners:  Jeffrey Cummings, Jacobo Mintzer, Henry Brodaty, Mary Sano

2006      Defining and Measuring Treatment Benefits in Dementia (Canterbury, United
Conveners:  Edmond Chiu, Cornelius Katona, David Ames, and Gill Livingston

2005      MCI in the Elderly and Populations at Risk (Bethesda, United States)
Conveners: Karl Broich, Serge Gauthier, Ron Petersen, Barry Reisberg, Karen Ritchie

2003      Designing Therapeutic Trials for Agitation:  Developing Common Definitions, Tools, and Procedures (Lisbon, Portugal)
Conveners: Eric Caine, Glenn Currier, and Brian Lawlor

2002      Dementia with Lewy Bodies (Budapest, Hungary)
Conveners: Ian McKeith and Jacobo Mintzer

2001      Vascular Burden of the Brain: New Therapeutic Directions (Madrid, Spain)Conveners: Timo Erkinjuntti, John T. O’Brien, and Barry Reisberg

1999      Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD):  A Clinical and Research Update (Landsdowne, United States)
Convener: Alistair Burns and Sanford Finkel

1996      Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease (Geneva, Switzerland)

1996      Behavioral Disturbances of Dementia (Landsdowne, United States)
(Resulting publication – Behavioral and Psychological Signs and Symptoms of Dementia:  Implications for Research and Treatment)
Convener: Sanford Finkel

1994     Outcome Methodologies for Pharmacologic Trials in Mild, Moderate, and Severe
Alzheimer’s Disease (New York, United States)
Convener: Barry Reisberg

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