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Sleep & Healthy Aging

Dr Adam Spira, PhD; Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Steering Committee:
Dr Sonia Ancoli-Israel, MD, Univ of California San Diego School of Medicine
Dr Mariana Figueiro, PhD, Lighting Research Center
Dr. Clifford Singer, MD; Acadia Hospital & Eastern Maine Medical Center
Dr. Andrew Varga, MD, PhD; Mount Sinai Integrative Sleep Center
Dr Michael Vitiello, PhD, University of Washington

Main Objectives of the Sleep & Healthy Aging Special Interest Group (SIG):

  • Generate a community around sharing information highlighting the latest developments in Sleep and Aging research
  • Create virtual learning and collaboration opportunities to share information and showcase the work of Sleep & Aging community members
  • Develop and support community member engagement around Sleep and Aging conferences, workshops and related events


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