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About the Congress

In the past decade, the field of geriatric mental health has benefited from advances including the promise of a cure of major diseases impacting our patients and their families. Improved understanding of the biology of Alzheimer's and other dementia causing diseases, late life depression, sleep disorders, anxiety disorders, delirium and others, provides an optimistic view that, at least in some cases, "cures" might be forthcoming in the professional lifetimes of younger IPA members. At the same time, the well-known "silver tsunami" is a stark reminder of the staggering numbers of older people who will require mental health care in the decades to come. Hence, balancing races for the cure against the undeniable obligation we have as mental health professionals to care for our patients and their families is more prescient today than in the past. In fact, increasingly care and cure are blended in our professional lives such that the most effective interventions of today combine cure and care-oriented approaches. 

This year's IPA Congress places the balance between care and cure at the center of our professional deliberations. We will be selecting an interdisciplinary program of keynote, plenaries, symposia, free communication and poster sessions on topics that encompass the broad spectrum of Psychogeriatrics ranging from understanding exciting basic research methods, to focus on resilience and prevention, to blended interventions. These are just a few of the interesting and thought-provoking subjects that will be explored and discussed at the 2024 International Congress. 

IPA Affiliate Organizations


Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists - Faculty of Psychiatry for Old Age (RANZCP-FPOA)


Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP)


Chinese Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (CSGP)


Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontopsychiatrie und -psychotherapie e.V. (DGGPP)


Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Psychogeriatric Association


Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health


Israeli Association for Old-Age Psychiatry


Associazione Italiana di Psicogeriatria


Japanese Psychogeriatric Society (JPS)


Dutch Psychiatric Association, Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry


Geriatric Psychiatry Section of the Association of Psychiatrists in Nigeria


Sociedade Portuguesa de Psiquiatria e Saude – Seccao de Psiquiatria Geriatrica


Sociedad Española de Psicogeriatria   


Taiwanese Society of Geriatric Psychiatry


The Dementia Association & Thai Society for Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry

United States

American Association of Geriatric Psychiatry (AAGP)

IPA Affiliate Organizations are related multinational, national, regional and local organizations that share the common mission of advancing clinical practice, research, and education to improve the mental health of the elderly. IPA values the increased impact that a coalition of related organizations can achieve. Together we can realize meaningful and measurable improvements in the mental health and well-being of our elderly around the world. Today IPA is proud to have Affiliate Organizations representing 17 countries across the globe.


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