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COVID-19 Resource Page

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COVID-19; Resources for Geriatric Mental Health Care Professionals

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International Resources:

IPA members

  • Global Perspectives curated from IPA Bulletin Editors:
    • Dr. M. Blezer; Development "Toolkit Palliative Care Covid-19 Patients at Home", thanks to transmural cooperation: Link to Article
    • Dr. Kuei‐Yu Liang; How to live with COVID‐19 pandemic: Taiwan experience: Link to Article
    • Professor Nahathai Wongpakaran; How COVID-READY guidelines help healthcare providers evaluate psychological coping strategies among older adults: Thai perspectives: Link to Article
    • Dr. Clarissa Giebel; Corona virus and dementia: Link to Article
    • Dr. Jorge Cuevas-Esteban; Psychopharmacological options for psychotic disorders in elderly people on treatment for SARS-COv 2 infection: Link to Article
    • Professor Shinobu Kawakatsu; Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and psychogeriatric issues in Japan: Link to Article
    • Dr. Marianne Soueidi & Dr. Rita Khoury; Social Isolation During COVID-19: Impact on Seniors: Link to Article
  • Dr. Thomas Dening:
    • Grief and fear after a Covid-19 death: Managing a double trauma: Link to Article
    • New Mental Health Service for NHS Staff Dealing With COVID-19: Link to Article
  • Dr. Mariana Figueiro;
  • Dr. Brent Forester;
  • Dr. Clarissa Giebel; New dementia study to explore impact of COVID-19 social services cuts: Link to Article
  • Dr. Venu Gopal Jhanwar; Psychiatrist Doctor Venu Gopal Jhanwar Wrote Poem On Coronavirus In Varanasi: Link to Article
  • Dr. Dilip Jeste;
    • Loneliness Persists Even When Older Adults Live in Social Environments: Link to Article
    • Coronavirus Self-Quarantine Will Likely Exacerbate Elderly Isolation: Link to Article
  • Dr. Gary Kennedy;
    • ‘I Like It, Actually’: Why So Many Older People Thrive in Lockdown: Link to Article
    • How Pets Can Be True Lifesavers for Seniors: Link to Article
  • Dr. Tomás León; COVID-19 Y personas con Alzheimer y otras demencias: Link to Resources
  • Dr. Pablo Lopez; Higiene del sueño y alimentación durante el aislamiento: Link to Video
  • Dr. Robert Madan; Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Psychological Wellness during COVID-19: Link to Article
  • Dr. Clifford Singer; How to Help Older Adults Fight Loneliness During COVID-19Link to Article
  • Professor Huali Wang (produced by ADI); Dementia Care during the COVID-19 Outbreak: Link to Video Presentation
  • Dr. Phyllis Zee;
    • Can lack of sleep make you sick? Experts weigh in: Link to Article
    • Get a better night’s sleep and don’t let coronavirus concerns run down your immune system: Link to Article

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