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Many clinical guidelines for dementia now emphasize the need for informed and appropriate application of different imaging modalities in varying care situations.  Starting in 2007, IPA has offered for many years the popular and excellent Neuroimaging in Dementia Workshop.  This program featured seven experts who presented a comprehensive foundation to a practical understanding especially how best to apply the latest and key imaging techniques in your practice.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the program, IPA was able to secure an educational grant from GE Healthcare and record the program in April and May 2011.  Each session’s viewing time is 90-minutes and includes recorded speaker presentations, as well as the question and answer period from the original broadcast. These webinars are ready when you are. Once logged in, IPA members have access to all three recorded sessions.

Session One: Structural Imaging

Presented by Giorgos Karas and Philip Scheltens

  • CT and MR: Advantages and Disadvantages, How Images are Formed
  • Usefulness of CT Scanning in Dementia
  • Use of MR Imaging in clinical practice

Session Two: Perfusion SPECT and PET

Presented by Jan Booij, Klaus Ebmeier, and Karl Herholz

  • PET and SPECT: Basic Principles, How Images are Formed, Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Use of Perfusion Imaging in the Differential Diagnosis of Dementia
  • PET in Dementia: Current and Future Applications including Amyloid Imaging

Session Three: Dopaminergic Imaging and Guidelines

Presented by Jan Booij, Ian McKeith, and John O’Brien

  • Dopaminergic FP-CIT SPECT Imaging: How to Rate and Interpret Scans
  • FP-CIT (DaTSCAN) SPECT Imaging: A New Diagnostic Tool for the Assessment of DLB
  • Guidelines on Use of Imaging in Clinical Practice


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