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HelpAge International

A new Toolkit: "It's about rights" available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Aims of #ItsAboutRights: 

  1. Promote new ways of talking and thinking about a UN convention based on the best evidence available about what's effective.
  2. Raise awareness of how older people's rights have been affected by the pandemic, bringing to life real human stories.
  3. Encourage more people in the ageing community to advocate for a UN convention with the help of our "It's about rights" toolkit. This toolkit is designed to help us influence governments in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additional Materials:
New framing videos 
These videos show four effective ways to talk about a UN convention based on communications insights and framing evidence. HelpAge has created a version without text so you can edit in your translations if you need to.  
Social media messages and graphics 
Here are some example tweets that you can use to support the campaign. You can customise the posts to suit your context and can also adapt these posts to other channels, such as Facebook or Instagram. HelpAge has provided graphics that you can use to accompany your messages. 
Banners and email signatures 
HelpAge has created banners and email signatures to help you engage with your audiences when they first land on your channels. 


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