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Board of Directors

IPA Officers (Executive Committee)

Raimundo Mateos, Spain
Mary Sano, United States
Huali Wang, PR China
Kate Zhong, United States
Immediate Past President
Henry Brodaty, Australia

IPA Board of Directors

Daisy Acosta, Dominican Republic
David Conn, Canada
Brian Draper, Australia
Manabu Ikeda, Japan
Raymond Koopmans, The Netherlands
Wendy Moyle, Australia

Ex Officio

Kate Filipiak, CAE, Executive Director, United States

Past Presidents

Manfred Bergener, Germany, Founding President (1982-1987)
Gosta Bucht, Sweden (1987-1989)
Kazuo Hasegawa, Japan (1989-1991)
Sanford I. Finkel, United States (1991-1993 and 1994-1995)
Bertil Steen, Sweden (1993-1994)
Raymond Levy, England, United Kingdom (1995-1997)
Barry Reisberg, United States (1997-1999)
Edmond Chiu, Australia (1999-2001)
Alistair Burns, England, United Kingdom (2001-2003)
George Grossberg, United States (2003-2005)
Joel Sadavoy, Canada (2005-2007)
Helen Fung-kum Chiu, SAR PR China (2007-2009)
Masatoshi Takeda, Japan (2009-2011)
Jacobo Mintzer, United States (2011-2013)

IPA Board of Directors Elections

IPA is currently seeking nominations for the IPA Board of Directors. Nomination materials are due 1 May 2017. To learn more about serving on the IPA Board of Directors click here.

Important Dates:
Nominations Deadline: 1 May 2017
Voting Opens: 16 June 2017
Voting Closes: 15 July 2017


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