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IPA Bulletin

The IPA Bulletin is the official newsletter of the International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA). The IPA Bulletin features articles on developments in pyschogeriatrics and related fields, updates about IPA and its programs, and information on the activities of related organizations. You can learn more about the content included in each section of the IPA Bulletin below. All members of IPA receive the IPA Bulletin and back issues are available in the IPA Members Area. Not a member yet? Visit our membership page to learn more about joining IPA.

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Research and Practice

The Research and Practice section of the IPA Bulletin features articles about new research and advances in the field. These articles may also highlight challenges facing the field and improvements in various areas of practice. Articles on psychiatry, medicine, nursing, social work, and other related fields are welcome. Sample articles are featured below:

Examining nursing care practice for people living with dementia (Wendy Moyle) June 2014

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease: Is there a link? (Mary Sano) June 2014

Does Vitamin E have a role in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease? (Mary Sano) May 2014

The Beneficial Effects of Mental and Physical Activity on Cognition on Patients with Alzheimer’s disease
(Mark Rapoport, Cedric Gabilondo) May 2014

Around the World

The Around the World section features articles on issues or the field in a specific country or region. We encourage articles which will educate others about the state of psychogeriatrics in your country. Information on the meetings and activities of our IPA Affiliate Associations or other related groups is also included. Sample articles are featured below:

Behavioral Improvement of Dementia Residents in a Group Home after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 (Kenichi Meguro) May 2014

Improving Quality of Long-Term Care in Nursing Homes – Embedding Scientific Research in Everyday Practice (Hilde Verbeek) May 2014

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