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Editor's Note

VOLUME 40, NO. 4 • December 2023

Tzung-Jeng Hwang, IPA Bulletin Editor-in-Chief

After the annual congress in July, the IPA prepared to transition to a new executive team. There will be a new president (Professor  Anne Margriet from the Netherlands), and some new members will join the board of directors. IPA is looking forward to continuous development and collaboration with other international societies.

I am happy to announce that we have one new assistant editor, Dr. Yin-Ting Lin, from Taiwan. My term as the chief editor of the Bulletin will end in December, and we are recruiting a new editor-in-chief now. The editorial team of the IPA Bulletin welcomes more enthusiastic members to join and contribute their knowledge and experiences to our community.

In the "International Psychogeriatrics Review Column", Dr. Jenny Zhang (China) Reviews the paper "Person-centered care and engagement via technology of residents with dementia in aged care facilities" by Goh et al. They found that touchscreen technology (TT) could provide an accessible and easy-to-use format by implementing a range of 'apps' to improve the quality of life for patients with dementia. However, training for TT in nursing homes is needed so that the staff can be competent enough to use the TT.

There are three articles in "Research and Practice" and two in "Around the World". In "Research and Practice", Dr. Yi-Ting Lin (Taiwan) reports that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) alone or with concurrent cognitive training may improve cognitive function in dementia patients with Alzheimer's disease. Besides dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, precuneus emerges as a promising neuromodulation target. Dr. Debanjan Banerjee (India) describes AI-based techniques, sensors, and smart home technologies. These new tools are gradually emerging, and more will come in the future. Although the development is exciting, challenges such as digital literacy, network connectivity, cost-benefit scrutiny, and ethics remain to be solved. Finally, Drs. Laura Valzolgher and Michael Kob (Italy) summarize evidence of vitamin D's potential neuroprotective effect in AD.

In "Around the World", Dr. Manuel Sánchez-Pérez (Spain) introduces the brief history and current working direction of the Spanish Society of Psychogeriatrics and its close relation with the IPA. Dr. Peerasak Lerttrakarnnon et al. (Thailand) share their experiences enriching the Geriatric Family Medicine curriculum with geriatric mental health training. This two-month rotation program includes geriatric psychiatry and neurology exposure.

 The IPA Bulletin seeks to meet our readers' needs and preferences. The editorial team hopes to offer everyone a platform to exchange ideas and cultivate innovation. I cordially invite more members to contribute their thoughts and suggestions to the Bulletin! You can also reach us directly at



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