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The Africa Regional Initiative Forum is dedicated to improving communications and raising awareness about psychogeriatric issues in African countries. Currently there are very few institutions interested in psychogeriatrics, and this group is working to change this, collaborating with existing national organizations in Africa. The group is also working with international organizations interested in mental health of older people in developing African nations, and with experts from Africa who are now living in diverse countries in Europe and North America.

Through attendance at regional and international meetings and online discussions, this group:

  • Brings together a diverse regional group, including current and emerging area opinion leaders.
  • Participates in the major task of sharing knowledge in the field within the regional context.
  • Whenever possible initiates policy and guidelines for the region.
  • Will work toward the establishment of national psychogeriatric associations, or where that is not possible, forming groups within existing national associations.
  • Encourages establishment of units to care for the elderly within existing hospitals in the region or through primary care facilities.

The Africa Regional Initiative Forum invites psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, psychologists, nurses, social workers and basic medical scientists currently in Africa or with an interest in the region to join.

Through the input of its members, the Africa Regional Initiative Forum can have a major impact on defining the key public health issues for the region and on the organization of effective clinical, research, and educational programs.

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