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Mental health professionals working with older adults are often confronted with issues related to diminished capacity and undue influence. The Capacity Shared Interest Forum has concentrated on one such area, involving the ability of an individual to execute a will directing the dispensation of their estate after death. Such transfers of wealth can stimulate discord in families, and are often challenged on grounds of lack of capacity or the presence of undue influence. Laws governing wills differ internationally, and the role of mental health professions in guiding courts also differs internationally. The Capacity Shared Interest Forum has been convened to explore these international differences, and to educate mental health professionals on the issues that relate to determination of capacity.

The Capacity Shared Interest Forum convenes at IPA Congresses and Meetings and via the online IPA Member Forums.  We are currently working on publications and symposia for upcoming IPA Meetings.

Chair:  Carmelle Peisah, Australia
Secretary:  Joshua Tsoh, Hong Kong

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