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Submission Guidelines

Submit an article to the IPA Bulletin!

We encourage anyone in the field to submit articles to the IPA Bulletin. Please review the submission guidelines below before submitting your article to

2020 Issue # (Expected Release Date): Submission Deadline

  • Volume 37, Number 1 (March 2020): 31 January
  • Volume 37, Number 2 (June 2020): 1 May
  • Volume 37, Special Telehealth Issue (August 2020): 31 July
  • Volume 37, Number 3 (September 2020): 7 August
  • Volume 37, Number 4 (December 2020): 30 October

2021 Issue # (Expected Release Date): Submission Deadline

  • Volume 38, Number 1 (March 2021): 1 February
  • Volume 38, Number 2 (June 2021): 3 May
  • Volume 38, Number 3 (September 2021): 2 August
  • Volume 38, Number 4 (December 2021): 1 November

Submission Guidelines

  • All articles should be written in English and include a title.
  • Citations should be included as footnotes in the following format:
    Arai, T. et al. Biochem Biophys Res Commun.
    351: 602-11, 2006.
  • Any photos or other graphics should be sent in high-resolution as a jpg or png.
  • Please include the name, primary discipline, and contact information for each author. Including a photograph and brief bio for each author is also recommended.

IPA will perform minor edits on all articles submitted. Articles which are incomplete or deemed inappropriate by IPA and the editors will not be published. Due to space limitations, submitting an article by the content deadline does not guarantee that it will be published in that issue. Articles may be held until the next issue or reserved for a special issue.

Please send all articles and any questions you may have to
Thank you for contributing to the IPA Bulletin!


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