Better Mental Health for Older People

Reinventing Aging through Innovation
Care • Research • Technology

The Hague, The Netherlands
6-9 September 2011

As the theme says, our host country, The Netherlands, is known for innovating in the area of geriatric mental health.

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Confirmed Program Highlights

Monday, 5 September 2011
Neuroimaging in Dementia Workshop

Sponsored by GE Healthcare

This program will provide an in-depth look at four commonly available diagnostic tools, including practical experience in scan interpretation. Utilizing real life examples, participants will be given the opportunity to comment using an interactive polling system as part of the learning  process.


New Technology – From building design to robotic applications, there are technology and equipment solutions to the day-to-day challenges of aging. June Andrews (United Kingdom) will describe the Design and Technology Suite at the Iris Murdoch Building along with Yoshiyuki Sankai (Japan) who will present his robotic applications and finally, architect Peter Swinnen (Belgium) with his innovations in architecture for the elderly.

Successful Aging – Most people who have dementia are older and therefore, many may have multiple physical illnesses. But how do the accumulated health deficits of aging affect dementia risk and disease expression in dementia? João Carlos Barbosa Machado (Brazil), Tom Kirkwood (United Kingdom), and Ken Rockwood (Canada) will explore these effects of aging.

Psychological Interventions – Psychosocial interventions for patients and family members of older adults with dementia: What does research tell us, and where should it be going next? Mary Mittelman (United States), Dawn Brooker (United Kingdom) and Wendy Moyle (Australia) are featured presenters.

Future of Dementia – Leading world researchers, Miia Kivipelto (Sweden), Masatoshi Takeda (Japan), and John O’Brien (United Kingdom) will discuss the latest advances and future directions in genetics, diagnosis and treatment.

Depression – Depression in chronic medical illness and quality of life plus recent research on the interaction of geriatric depression and cognitive deficits will be presented along with new interventions. Tze-Pin Ng (Singapore), Aartjan Beekman (Netherlands), and Charles Reynolds (United States) are featured speakers.

Please join IPA in 2011 for these and other innovative sessions as IPA looks to present some new and different ideas and practices in Psychogeriatrics. 

 We hope to see you at the 2011 IPA International Congress!


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