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Eastern European

The objectives of the Eastern Europe Regional Initiative Forum are to identify leaders, improve communications, and raise awareness about psychogeriatric issues in the region. Goals of the Forum include:

  • to bring together a diverse regional group, including current and emerging area opinion leaders
  • to begin the major task of sharing knowledge in the field within the regional context, and
  • to initiate policy and guidelines for the region.

Through the involvement of a vibrant, dedicated membership, the Eastern Europe Regional Initiative Forum can have a major impact on defining the key public health issues for the region and on the organization of effective clinical, research, and educational programs.

If you wish to be involved in this Regional Initiative Forum, IPA members should go to the IPA Members Area and visit the IPA Member Forums page.

If you are not an IPA member and wish to obtain more information about this IPA Member Forum, contact the IPA Secretariat at


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