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Keynote Speakers

We are delighted to announce Professor Robin Jacoby, Professor Henry Brodaty, Professor Roger Mulder and Dr Margaret Dudley as keynote speakers. All are well-known as erudite researchers, teachers and leaders.

Professor Robin Jacoby

Professor Jacoby entered psychiatry training at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals in London in 1974 and spent a period in full-time research at the Institute of Psychiatry from 1976-79. His first consultant post was as Senior Lecturer at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School (1980-83) before taking up a consultant appointment at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals from 1983 to 1993. In 1994 he was appointed Clinical Reader in Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Oxford, and Professor in 1998. He has been Professor Emeritus of Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Oxford since 2005.

Professor Henry Brodaty

Professor Henry Brodaty was the Foundation President of the NSW Australian Alzheimer’s Association in 1982. In 1988, he became national President of Alzheimer’s Australia and in 2002, Chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease International, the world-wide federation of (now) 75 national Alzheimer’s Associations. Since 1990, he has been the inaugural Professor of Psychogeriatrics at the University of NSW and the Foundation Director of the Academic Department for Old Age Psychiatry at both the Prince of Wales and the Prince Henry Hospitals.

Professor Roger Mulder

Professor Roger Mulder’s academic interests include mood disorders, personality disorders, genetics, neurobiology, suicide, and early psychosis.  Professor Mulder is interested in the history and philosophy of psychiatry, particularly the classification of abnormal behaviour. He is also involved in research on the psychiatric aspects of medical illnesses. Professor Mulder has published over 150 articles and book chapters and is editor of the journal Personality and Mental Health, associate editor of the New Zealand Medical Journal and serves on several editorial boards.

Dr Margaret Dudley

Dr Dudley is a Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in the field of neuropsychology and has a particular interest in how neuropsychology interfaces with Māori. She is a lecturer on the Doctorate of Clinical Psychology Programme at the University of Auckland. Dr Dudley is the PI on an HRC funded project “A Māori approach to the assessment and management of dementia”, which aims to develop a Māori theory of dementia as well as a cognitive and functional tool to assist in the diagnosis of dementia in Māori.


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